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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Safe City Group Business Journey, The 20 years of accumulative experience in the industry with a passion to concentrate on providing the latest technologies and solutions to help shape the Public Safety productiveness. With that being said, I, as the Chief Executive Officer, truly hope our organization forms an opportunity for our appreciated worldwide visitors to acquire more about our Public Safe City Technology Solutions, Business Performance, Critical Plans, Marketing Strategies, and Principles; this is a worthily beginning for our company to grow as well as to generate a business where the client always comes first! We have constructed a corporation that will have long-term customer relationships and will strive to meet all of their expectations as well as building credibility that will be developed by time.

As our business, we not only depend on our latest Intelligent Solutions and innovations for Smart Cities, for we also rely on the people within the esteemed organization, and we have always focused on the ones who are able to learn quickly while renovating different ideas to perfect the products we create. Safe City’s mission is to develop an inventive role in the development of various progressive solution technologies.

Safe City Safe School Safe Transport Smart Radar Smart Surveillance
Safe Home Safe Vehicle Safe Traffic Smart Technology Smart Enforcement
Safe Children Smart Call Centers Smart Patrol Smart 999 --

This website is part of the external demonstration of our initiative plan to open substructures to all our shareholders as well as to all attentive visitors in our accomplishments. Our goal is to be the Leading in the Safe City Solutions aspect across the globe and to be recognized amongst through the provided abilities and competences.

The Safe City Group Smart Solutions will be delivered worldwide as per our Business Strategy. We do appreciate the support by clients and competent visitors which will help to provision the firm outcome of our Business Strategies!


Ali Omari


Our Office

About Safe City Group

Safe City Group bring total turnkey solutions for smart and safe city projects leveraging the latest technologies and ideas to ensure the highest satisfaction of our clients worldwide.

Our Products

Virtual Reality



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The project

Safe School

To promote the awareness of School Safety by contributing Safety Learning Essentials for schools to help avert Future Disasters, Bus Accidents, & Educate the Children about Hazards and Risks.

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The project

Safe Transport

Continuously providing rapid R&D for producing innovative transport solutions.

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The project

Safe Children

To categorize Safety Protocols when children are in involved in physical activity.

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The project

Safe Home

“Home Sweet Home.” The sensation of feeling safe in your household by providing plug and play easy to use Home security products.

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The project

Safe Car

To evaluate the Latest Technology Projects to model a Safe Vehicle that ensures more protection in safety and environment.

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Safe Traffic

To outline a cohesive approach to help minimize Traffic Accidents, Improve the Traffic Safety, & Improve Road Safeties.


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